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Hi! My name is Samantha, I’m 36 years old and I live in Rotterdam. Ever since I was young,
I have a passion for photography. I have studied Graphic Design & Photography, with a focus on portrait photography. After my study, I started as a freelancer and worked with models in the studio to create fashion images. But now I’ve lost my heart to wedding photography,  to create the most beautiful light and warm wedding images.

Whenever I pick up my camera, I strive to create beautiful and emotional images that tell a story and showcase the beauty of both the people in the images and the world around them. Even with it’s ups and downs, your life, your story, is beautiful and I can’t wait to create images to show that!

Besides photography, I like to spend my time with my family. I have a 6 year old son and we also have 3 Birman cats. We like to spend time on the beach and enjoy good food. I also love to travel around the world, visit beautiful places and ride horses on the most special locations.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and maybe I will meet you soon!

– samantha


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Are we the Perfect fit?

Summer Sunsets

Nothing beats that warm end-of-the-day glow and something about the summer makes it even more magical. I’m a believer that everything looks better in that light!

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Are we the Perfect fit?


There is something magical about black and white photos, even though I’m a big fan of light and warm color photos. As soon as it becomes a black and white photo, it gives the photo a powerful editorial look.

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Are we the Perfect fit?


I’m a big believer that a few fresh flowers in a jar and you can transform any room or occasion into something elegant. I love to capture beautiful flower decorations at weddings.

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Are we the Perfect fit?

destination wedding

Are you planning a destination wedding? I would love to travel with you! I specialize in destination weddings in Portugal and Ibiza but I also love to travel to other destinations. 

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the heart behind what we do

In the beginning I loved to photograph just everything; commercial photography, family & kids shoots, horses and fashion. But since my time in college, I have been busy with portrait and fashion photography. I have spent a lot of time in the photo studio but I liked the shoots on location the most. 

So, I started to do more portrait and fashion shoots on location to get the most beautiful natural light in my photos. You can describe my style as soft & dreamy. 

My favorite shoot locations are on the beach, in the forest or in beautiful small streets. My dream is to photograph abroad. Wedding reports on the beach in Ibiza or somewhere in beautiful Italy. 

You can follow our photography journey on Instagram or on the blog section on the website.  If you want to see more of our work, click on the button below to see the wedding gallery or visit one of the other pages for the portrait gallery.